Earn An Income As An Affiliate

E-commerce has revolutionized the business world in the 21st century. Unlike before, today you can make a living without having any product and never having to deal with the customer. Affiliate Marketing is the process of promoting other people products and services and earning a commission when your referral link is clicked or when purchases are made through it. The growth of online businesses means affiliate marketing is going to become even more lucrative in the future. Today there are a lot of people relying on affiliate marketing as their full-time job.

This article will walk you through the steps you need to take to become an affiliate marketer. You will also get know what to expect and the best practices in affiliate marketing.

1. Choose a market

Identifying a market that you will target as an affiliate marketer is the first step to becoming an affiliate marketer. Selecting a target market can be challenging but the best way to know which market you will target is by following your passion, choose a market that you are already familiar with and you are comfortable with. Do not pick a market due to the potential income in that market; you may end up losing if you let money be the choosing criteria.

2. Create a website or a blog

This is the step that seems difficult to many people but having a website or a blog created is a trivial task. If you are not a web designer, have the website or the blog done by a professional, it will take less than two weeks. If you are having the website or the blog done by another person, explain to them the purpose of your site so they can design it with that in mind.

3. Find products and services to promote

In the market you select (could be technology, medical, etc) choose the product or service to promote. There are many affiliate networks that exist for merchants with affiliate publishers who can help sell their products and services. Companies like Commission Junction, Clickbank and PayDotCom, are some that will facilitate the linking/network.

4. Write content for your site

It is imperative you create high quality and relevant content. The content should be valuable to your audience; good quality content will also help your site to rank well in search engine results.

There are two approaches your site can take

– A review site. With this approach you give a review of the product, you write content that will help your audience know the experience to expect from different products.

– A resource site. This approach focuses on creating content on how-to articles.

In either approach include related links and ads that will direct users to merchants site and actions that will lead to you earning a commission.

The above points will get you started as an affiliate marketer and with time, it can even become a full-time job if done well.

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